Training Programme

What Do I Get For $85? For $85 a month, you get a program that provides workouts that are customized for you. The workouts are based on that level of conditioning that you have and are designed to improve your performance on the bike.

You get: "Conconi" assessment analysis that determines your training zones indoors and outdoors, effective for you!

Workouts for each day of the week (indoor and outdoor options) built out of a philosophy that has proven results.

A database that contains all of your results that allows you to compare all of your assessments, track your gains and update your training zones.

Choose from one of three levels of training programs:

Enthusiast - This level is designed for the cyclist who enjoys the exhilaration of riding for fitness and/or enjoys participating in organized rides and tours
Weekend Racer - Great for anyone who wants to race at their best, whether they are a Junior, Senior category 3 or 2, Women's category or Master's rider
Take Me To The Pro Tour! - This is for the athlete who has aspirations of riding in the "Elite" peloton of Europe.

The workouts are designed by Michael Carter, who draws upon not only his academic education, but also on the more than 25 years of racing experience. Michael started out as a "Category 4" in 1982. Through training, and the proper guidance Michael was named as one of the top three climbers in the world by L'Equipe Magazine.

Draw from the experience of someone who has been there! Michael started from no training on a bike at all and made it to the VERY top. So can you!