Heart Rate Max Assessment Protocol

(Best for the athlete who does not have a CompuTrainer but uses a heart rate monitor).
Over last two weeks, use the maximum HR seen in training. This should be the HR during a group ride with intense efforts, or on your own where you have been riding uphill or at very hard efforts at an RPE of 9 to 10.

Don’t use a max HR from a race - racing produces much higher heart rates than training, and are not as applicable or appropriate for training purposes.

Rate Of Perceived Exertion (RPE)

Assessment Protocol Using: RPE

(Recommended for the “Enthusiast” who chooses to ride based on how they feel during sub maximal efforts. This approach is recommended for beginners or recreational riders).

Use two climbs of 10 minutes (around 4%, with 75 RPM’s or more). The first effort should be at an RPE of 3 to 5. After 5’, repeat the climb with 75 RPM’s or more, and a RPE of 5 to 7. Record the heart rate during the last 3’ of each effort. These should be at least 10 beats a part - if not then you went too hard the 1st effort, or too easy the second effort. You could also be completely out of shape - in which case you really need this program!

If you live in only flat terrain, use 85 RPM’s or more, and use RPE of 3 to 4 for first 10’ effort. 2nd 10’ effort at RPE of 5 to 7, same RPM’s.

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RPE Scale of “1” to “10”

Scale Strength
0 Nothing at all
0.5 Very, very weak
1 Very Weak
2 Weak
3 Moderate
4 Somewhat strong
5 Strong
7 Very strong
9 Very, very strong.
10 Maximal

Do you have questions Check the FAQ page or contact Mike for questions mike@espcycling.com

Conconi Assessment Protocol

1) Plug in trainer, and then attach your bike using the appropriate skewer that allows the skewer to seat in the clamp securely.

2) Set the hand control where you can adjust the wattages (you will need someone to record your data during the test).

If you are using a CompuTrainer:
- Push the "F2" button so that you can manually input the wattages. Then start pedaling - you will see that “50” is on the upper right of the screen and you will also see your speed in mph.

- Pushing the "+" blue button - increases watts in 5 watt increments, and the "-" decreases by 5 watts.

- After you have warmed up, then stop pedaling.

- Let your HR come down - until it stabilizes, which is when it stops coming down.

- Then hit the "+" and the "-" blue buttons at the same time. That is the calibration mode.

- Pedal to 25 mph, or until the "UP" on the screen goes off.

- You need to see between 2.00 and 3.00 - if it is below 2.00, tighten up the resistance by turning the black knob on the load meter. If the number is above 3.00, loosen it up a bit. Then re-calibrate - do this until you have between 2.00 and 3.00 in the screen.

- Then hit the F3 and then the F2 buttons.

- Set watts to 100, gearing is big ring and in your 17 – that will ensure that RPM’s are over 80, the minimum requirement.

- Pedal up to 18 mph - that is the minimum - you can go faster, just not slower for the entire test.

If you are using a trainer other than a CompuTrainer: - Follow the instructions for the calibration process, if there is one for your trainer. Set the hand control so you can manually input wattage. You will need to have a trainer that allows for 5 watt increments for this test.

3) Warm up for 10 to 15 minutes. After you feel warmed up, stop pedaling, let your heart rate come down and stabilize.

4) Set the hand control to 100 watts and start pedaling.

Maintain at least 80 RPM’s throughout the test.

Do not shift or stand up during the test.

5) Every minute, record heart rate, then increase watts by 25.

6) Continue until you can no longer maintain at least 80 RPM’s.

7) Once you have maxed out, set watts back to 100, soft pedal and record heart rate every minute for 5 minutes.

8) Input this data into the corresponding page on the Echelon Sports website.

Your results will be ready and emailed to you within 48 hours!

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Do you have questions Check the FAQ page or contact Mike for questions mike@espcycling.com