Coaching Services

Michael Carter a Colorado native draws from his 30 years of cycling experience to help his clients become the best cyclists they can be. Michael raced in all three Grand Tours (The Tour De France, The Giro Di Italia and Vuelta Espagna), he also worked five years as a Director Sportif including Pro Continental Team Type 1 Sanofi. Michael has coached State, National, World Champions and Olympians. Michael is also a former Head Coach for USA Cycling and is currently certified as Level 1 with the USAC. Michaels combination of racing, coaching, directing and his degree in Exercise Physiology is like no other coach in the USA!

Echelon Sports Performance will guide you in achieving all your goals, whether they be weight loss, general fitness or performance goals with the highest quality of personalized training programs. We will guide you through a fitness program tailored specifically to your individual needs. Your progress will be constantly monitored, and your fitness program will be modified to match your gains ensuring you are always exercising in the most effective way to achieve your desired goals.

Do You Know Where You Are?

Do You Know Where You Want To Go?

Elite Coaching/Training with Michael Carter

Athletes can draw on the racing, coaching and clinical experience of former professional cyclist, Michael Carter. Michael's goal is to help each athlete achieve their goals and realize their maximum potential, a potential that the athlete may not even realize they possess.

Whether it is a flat time trial, a mass-start hill climb, criterium, road race, single day race or stage race, the programs are designed to bring athletes to their top level of performance.

"It is all about the pursuit of excellence. My goal is to guide, direct and optimize each athlete's program so that they can realize their maximum potential."-Michael Carter

Cycling Training Program Descriptions

ALL programs designed based on your own personal level of fitness that is determined through a physiological assessment conducted by the staff at Echelon Sports Performance. The WEB based program uses one of the three self-administered assessments. All of the assessments have been developed by Dr. Max Testa, one of the best cycling doctors in the world.

Terminating Coaching Services

Echelon Sports Performance asks for a minimum of a 6 month commitment but does not require this. However, a 30 day notification is required to terminate monthly coaching. If your notification is received less than 30 days prior you will be responsible for the monthly fee through the 30 days of receiving your notice. Late fees apply, $25 for every five days payment is received past the 1st of the month.

Online Based Monthly Program

This is for athletes looking for an affordable program designed with knowledge developed over 25 years in cycling, and who would like a structured four week program that is specific to their current level of fitness. Submit your assessment details (choose between Conconi, observed two week maximum heart rate or ìRPEî (rate of perceived exertion) and once payment is confirmed through Paypal, your will receive your four week program. Cost: $150.00

Testing Services

Conconi Assessment

Ideal for determining a baseline fitness level developing the most appropriate training zones (heart rates, watts and RPE) and also for tracking improvements and preventing over training. Cost: $150.00

Lacatate Assessments

Perfect for runners, triathletes and cyclists! This assessment provides data on the onset of blood lactate and follow up assessments help to determine training progress. Cost: $200.00

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Coaching Packages


This level is perfect for those looking for customized program that will need few adjustment to their program. Level 4 differs from the online program in that with Level 4, the athlete submits the races they plan to do and these events are built into the monthly training plan posted on Trainingpeaks. TrainingPeaks "basic" account is included.

Adjustments to Program:

One time per week via email contact. Physiological Testing every 3 Months (Conconi and includes body fat analysis), (Lactate Threshold Assessment is an $75 additional fee).


E-mail: 1 per week initiated by you, Phone calls: 1 per week.

$75 sign up fee.

Program Level 4 Pricing Call: 303.591.3812.

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For those looking for program that will need adjustments to four week program due to family work or other issues that will effect daily workouts. This program is for the athlete who is serious about their performance and is committed to a more structured training program. Programs are typically built in one month increments and posted on a "Premium" TrainingPeaks account.

Adjustments to Program:

Unlimited via email contact. Physiological Testing on an as needed basis (Conconi), (Lactate Threshold Assessment is an $75 additional fee).


E-mail: Unlimited, Phone calls: one per week.

Ride with Mike: When possible.

Program Level 3 Pricing Call for pricing.....(Conconi testing every month - lactate $75 additional).

$75 sign up fee.

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For those who who are looking for a customized personal program with unlimited changes to their workouts and want to spend one on one time with Michael.

Adjustments to Program:

Unlimited via email or phone. Physiological Testing Once a Month (Conconi), (Lactate Threshold Assessment is an $75 additional fee).


E-mail: Unlimited, Phone calls: Unlimited.

Riding with Mike: One ride per week.

Program Level 2 Pricing $550 per month (Conconi testing every month - lactate $75 additional).

$75 sign up fee.

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Want even more? THIS IS IT!

Adjustments to Program:

Unlimited via email or phone. Physiological Testing: On demand.


E-mail: Unlimited, Phone calls: Unlimited.

Riding with Mike


Program Level 1 Pricing $1,850 per month.

$75 sign up fee.

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